Popular Woodworking Tools in 2016 ( Top 20 Woodworking Tools )

Every woodworker knows that his tools hold a prominent place in each project he handles. Here are the popular woodworking tools in 2016 (Top 20 Woodworking Tools):

( Top 20 Woodworking Tools )

1. A router : Most routers available today offer two different bases: a plunge router base and a stationary base. A quality router can take care of a number of tasks.

2. Compound Miter Saw : This helps you to handle compound angles at the end of a piece of stock. It is one of the most important investments that any woodworker can make. 

3. The Layout Square : It is easy to carry this tool around and it can come in handy for you. It is a triangle that is used to mark square cuts on a stock.

4. The sliding bevel: This allows you to measure angles and it is adjustable. You can lock it at the angle that you want to mark.

5. The Table Saw: This is the heart and soul of every woodworking shop. It plays a major role in helping you to get your projects done. It is one investment that applies both to the experienced hands and to the beginners. 

6. Random Orbital Sander : The random sanding motion makes this a sublime part of your working tools. It uses the hook and loop fastened sanding disks to give you patterns that simply stand out.

7. The Nail Set : This would usually have a concave or convex surface. They can be used during staining or painting and they can be used to fill holes.

8. The Screwdriver: This is another important component that serves different purposes. It is ideal to get this in a set so that you can use it as occasion demands.

9. The jigsaw: This allows the user to cut circular or curved patterns in stock. The jigsaw which is also referred to as a Sabre saw is effective when used by an expert.

10. Power drill: The corded or cordless power drill can play important roles. Many may argue about which of them is more effective but it is important to go with the one that suits your project demands.



11. The Level: A basic level can help you to plum your construction. It comes in various sizes but you can settle for the 48’’ as it is okay for most woodworking projects.

12. The Chisel: An assorted piece of chisels should be part of every workbench. People invest in brands but I do not think it is necessary. A good chisel can deliver once it is made of good quality material.

13. The circular Saw : Some individuals argue that this is meant for carpentry works but I do not agree. In order to achieve the best milestones in your woodworking project, a circular saw is a must. 

14. The Moisture Meter : It is important not to take chances when you work on wood. This helps to ascertain the state of the wood and if it would serve your purpose.

15. The Utility Knife : Just as the name implies, it can be used for different purposes

16. The Tape Measure : This can be called the golden rule for every woodworking project. 

17. The Claw Hammer : It’s dual purpose allows you to move with speed in your project.

18. The Tool Storage System: You must not let things get messy. Use this to properly store your tools.

19. The Block Pane: This gives you versatility on any woodworking project.

20. The Caliper: This helps you to fine-tune your woodworking project.

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