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How To Make money with your woodworking skills ?

How To Make money with woodworking skills


How To Make money with woodworking skills
So where would you begin to make money from your woodworking skills? Personally, I’d start by making garden furniture like a table and chairs. Garden furniture is always in demand, and most of us are happy to pay a bit more for a unique table, and chairs set rather than having the standard mass produced furniture on sale at most stores today.

Garden furniture is a great way to get started because it doesn’t require any delicate finishing; people love the rustic look when it comes to their gardens. Getting started is simple. Have a look around at some of the designs you like then get hold of some plans, these are easy to get.

Once you are sure what you are going to build its time to get started. Just go to your garage and build the furniture set, there’s no rush, remember it’s still a hobby, just one you’re going to make some money out of. Take your time and build a good solid table and chairs.

Ignore all the prices the stores are charging for their mass produced table and chairs; you’re not competing against them. What you’re building is unique; one of a kind, nobody will have it in their stores. You’re using your time and skills to produce a unique piece of furniture that many people will appreciate and be willing to pay good money to have it in their garden.

Another great advantage of building garden furniture is you don’t need to buy expensive wood; you can make great looking strong furniture from inexpensive wood keeping your costs down and giving you a big profit margin. Once you’ve built your table and chairs, or whatever you choose to build the next stage is selling it.

It is easier than you think. First, set a price for it; as I’ve already mentioned don’t be swayed by the prices the stores are selling the cheap mass produced items for, yours is unique. So set a price that takes into account how long it took you to build and then add more money on top for the unique craftsman built product.

Craft fairs are a great way to sell items that are handmade. People who attend craft fairs are looking for unique products, and they’re prepared to pay extra to get them. As well as attending craft fairs you can display your items to your friends and neighbors.

I know lots of people who make a decent income from their woodworking skills who started by making things for their friends and neighbors. Remember friends and neighbors also have friends who also have friends, you can tap into a huge market just by word of mouth and the fact that you are making the items personally and so people have to wait for them makes them all the more desirable.

So if you’ve been thinking of making money with your woodworking skills, then I’d advise you to have a go. There’s no great risk involved because as a woodworker you will already have all the tools and the workspace to work from, so investment will be mainly your time, and you already love woodworking, so that’s no big deal. The gravest case scenario is that you are stuck with a table and chairs set which I’m sure you can use.

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