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How to make a wooden bench

How to make a wooden bench

How to make a wooden bench

There are many woodworking projects that can bring the right amount of excitement when you get on it. This can be an opportunity to work together as a family or you can choose to go it alone. Building a wooden bench gives you the opportunity to customize your benches to reflect your style.

You can use it outdoors or add it to your indoor furniture. Before we run through how you can make this wooden chair, it is important to state that you must not bother about speed. Just focus on getting the framework and other things would fall into place.

Building with the right vision

The quest of an expert woodworker or a beginner to design a wooden bench goes through a similar curve. The expert can use this as a tool to share his knowledge in a simple format with others while the beginner can use this to get on the right track. The first thing that must be considered when making a wooden chair is to have the right sized board and the essential tools you need for cutting. Some of the other items you would need include the redwood post or cedar. Planks are essential for the job along with nails or cement. Some of these items mentioned come down to the preference of the woodworker. Although, this may not make the top pick for some, it is possible to use a loose board as one of the components to make the wooden bench.


Get the right wood:

It is vital to use wood that has been treated for termite. The redwood post or cedars are essentially the best type of wood that can serve your purpose. The thickness of the Cedar wood (or if you choose to go for a redwood post) should be 4 inches. The planks are to measure 2 ft by 8 feet while the boards should measure 4 ft by 4 feet. In order to get the right results, planks that measure 2 ft by 12 ft or 2 ft by 10 feet should also be used. Boards can be put together to form a bench that ranges around 8 to 12 inches wide.

Cut the wood:

You can create the right incisions in the upright from thirty-six inches to thirty eight inches long. Also, you can masterfully cut a notch that would blend with your design for the 2 by 6 or 2 by 4 cross member. It is vital that the cross member rests on the notch that you have created so that the top remains square.

Confirm the dimensions of the bench:

The bench should be four ft by eight ft long and having a solid foot on each side. For an 8 ft bench length, it is important to maintain the upright posts within a range that is 6 ft apart.

Create a solid base for the Wooden Chair: It is important that the long cross member and the upright post is level before they are nailed. Another viable option is to cement the upright posts but this can lead to the wood used in constructing the bench rotting away quickly.

You can decide to add this to your To-do list and it would be quite rewarding to express your creativity through this project.


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